Preparation for an Event


Before any event, a lot of preparation and planning goes into the job. But before anything starts, research for me is one of the most important things. As an artist, in order to create a masterpiece one needs to be inspired. Art and passion thrive off inspiration, and for me with my design, the same process applies.

Nowadays wherever you look, there is inspiration all around us. Instagram for example, is a paradise for image searchers, a place that I am addicted to these days. But also our own experiences are another great source of inspiration. I always like to be aware of what is around me, wherever I am, as I know that everything is somehow connected and most likely will be an inspiration to whatever you are working on.

So whilst researching for ideas, I came across some photos I had taken from an event I partook in while working in Thailand last year. No one creates flower design like the people of Thailand, some beautiful images I’d like to share, hope you like.


My first Corporate Event for FJVA


My first branding corporate event design work as NB Design XO

I worked on all the branding design for the20th Anniversary Celebrations of Francis J. Vassallo & Associates Limited. I’ve worked on many events before within a team, however this was my first event as the sole designer for the whole event. It was a fun and exciting challenge to create all the branding material for the FJVA Gala Dinner at the Saluting Battery in Valletta. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was super happy with the results.